Marriage certificate attestation is the mandatory document if you want to sponsor your spouse in UAE. Marriage certificate attestation is done by the government body of the country from which certificate is issued from. It is generally issued by the local government body.

From getting a family visa and migrating to UAE from any country of the world, an attested marriage certificate is required. Marriage certificate attestation can be done within approximate 8 to 10 working days however it may increase as per the process designed by the government authorities.

Following are the steps involved in marriage certificate attestation:

- Notary attestation

- Translation

- Various Government authorities

- Ministry of external/Internal affairs /FCO/DFAT attestation

Once the marriage certificate attestation is completed from the above department, the document is sent to the UAE embassy in that particular country (in case if the UAE embassy is not available the certificate would be routed to nearest UAE embassy which has power over that particular country) for final approval.

So, the final step in the marriage certificate issued country would be:

- UAE Embassy attestation

- Final step would be an approval by Ministry of foreign affairs of UAE Please note Arabic translation might be required for the attested marriage certificates which are submitted in UAE.

For getting marriage certificate attested to migrate to Gulf countries, job category, salary and designation plays a major role. All the factors are taken into consideration for the approval of the family visa.

In case your original marriage certificate is lost then you can take the photocopy of the marriage certificate to court and ask them to stamp it which can be done within a day. Henceforth, that will be regarded as your

original marriage certificate.

Our team will help you in the entire process of the marriage certificate attestation and take care of any unforeseen situation that may arise in the due course.

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